Ellenvale Junior High

Staff Directory


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Lewis, Jeff Principal 902-435-8420 ext. 3401001 jlewis@hrsb.ca
Carruthers, Jeff Vice Principal 902-435-8420 ext. 3401002 jcarruthers@hrsb.ca
Cottingham, Julia Secretary 902-435-8420 jcottingham@hrsb.ca
Gabriel, Jeff Guidance 902-435-8420 ext. 3401003 jgabriel@hrsb.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Leslie, Alicia Grade 8 FLA / Sci Humaine / Mode de Vie alicia.leslie@hrsb.ca
Attig, Jihene Grade 7 French Immersion French Language Arts / Science Humaines and Mode de Vie jattig@hrsb.ca
Baillieul-Harvey, Sarah GRade 9 Math/ Core French/ Healthy LIving SBaillieul-Harvey@hrsb.ca Website
Boudreau-MacKinnon, Therese Grade 9 French Immersion FLA and Science Humaine/Mode de Vie tboudreau-mackinnon@hrsb.ca Website
Cameron, Lisa Grade 7 French Immersion Math and Science / Grade 8 Mode de Vie cameronl@hrsb.ca Website
Conde MacDonald, Sarah Grade 9 FI Math/ Science/ Grade 8 FI Science sconde@hrsb.ca
Crewe , Jenn (Substitute for T. Boudreau-MacKinnon) Grade 9 French Language Arts/Science Humaines and Mode De Vie jcrewe@hrsb.ca
d'Entremont, Roland Grade 8 French Immersion Math/Science roland.dentremont@hrsb.ca
Doolan, Michelle resource Teacher 902-435-8420 ext. 3401204 mdoolan@hrsb.ca
Emberly, John Grade 7/8/9 Phys.Ed. and Tech. Ed. 902-435-8420 ext. 3401009 jemberly@hrsb.ca
Fraser, Victor Grade 7/8/9 Band Teacher vfraser@hrsb.ca Website
Janes, Miranda Grade 8 Core French/ Grade 7 and 9 Art/ Grade 9 Healthy LIving / Grade 8 Sciences Humaine mjanes@hrsb.ca
Klasz, Matt Grade 8 and 9 Science and Grade 8 Healthy Living mklasz@hrsb.ca Website
Leveck, John Grade 8 Math and Science jleveck@hrsb.ca
Lingley, Kathleen GRade 9 ELA and Social Studies KLingley@hrsb.ca
Mignault, Vanessa Music 7/8/9 and Core French 7 Vanessa.Mignault@hrsb.ca
O'Handley, Cindy Learning Centre Teacher 902-435-8420 ext. 3401210 cohandley@hrsb.ca
Patterson, Crystal Grade 7 Math/Science/Healthy Living CPatterson@hrsb.ca
Pike, Vanessa Grade 7/8/9 Phys. Ed. and Grade 8 Mode de Vie 902-435-8420 ext. 3401010 vpike@hrsb.ca
Shortt, Eileen Grade 8 ELA and Social Studies eshortt@hrsb.ca Website
Sinclair, Gwendy Grade 7 ELA and Social Studies gsinclair@hrsb.ca Website
Sparks, Kaitlin Maternity Leave kaitlin.sparks@hrsb.ca
Tse, Patricia Family Studies 7/8/9 and Grade 7/8 Social Studies ptse@hrsb.ca Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Cole, Damon African Nova Scotian Support Worker 902-435-8420 ext. 3401221 Damon.Cole@hrsb.ca
Diggs, Quentin Custodian 902-435-8420 ext. 3401005 qdiggs@hrsb.ca
Hamilton, Tracy School Librarian (Wednesday - Thursday - Friday) 902-435-8420 ext. 3401116 thamilton@hrsb.ca
Mackley, John Student Support Teacher jmackley@hrsb.ca
Melanson, Chris EPA christoper.melanson@hrsb.ca
Parris, Anita EPA aparris@hrsb.ca
Pedvis, Cindy Social Worker cpedvis@hrsb.ca
Westhaver, Jill EPA jwesthaver@hrsb.ca